Thursday, August 03, 2006

How we could help the Children affected in Sri Lanka

Trying to organise conference by inviting a team from USA. Details of same will be published in due course.

How is Autism Treated

Special education programs tailored to the child's individual needs are usually the most effective form of treatment. Some of the treatment programs include speech therapy, physical therapy, music therapy, changes in diet, occupational therapy, medication.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What causes Autism

There is no single cause. Some say that it may be due to childhood vaccines but no confirmation as yet.

Monday, July 31, 2006

If you have identified a child with Autisim....What do you do ?

Autisim being a spectrum disorder affects different people in different ways. No two autistic children are alike and there are many theories about what causes autism. Due to this it might be difficult for parents to find what is best for their child. Supposing you identify autism of a child at the age of three and start therapy there is no time frame for the child to be normal. Also different children are given therapy in different ways. Currently there are no medical test to diagnose autism. Diagnosis is based on observation and information provided by parents or domestics looking after the child about his behaviour, speech and interaction.Autism diagnosis can be made by the Psychiatrists and Pediatricians.There is no known single cause for autism. It is knwon that autism is a neurological disorder

Identifying a child with Autism...

The following are few points that would help to identify a child with autism.

1. Poor social interaction
2.Impairment in the use of multiple nonverbal behaviours such as eye contact, facial expression 3.lack of spoken language

Not everybody has the exact symptoms
Autism can be dientified during early years of life. This is more common in boys than in girls

The symptoms are caused by physical disorders of the brain.

What is Autism ?

The first time I learnt about the word "Autism" was when my little nephew was diagnosed with Autism. Until such time I never new what autism meant. In Sri Lanka we have not had many awareness programes until a short time. My little nephew was the only grand child my in-laws had and they were so thrilled and was waiting until he spoke. He used to mumble words which was difficult for us to understand. But he would love to sing and he enjoys it very much. At the age of 2 1/2 he started to go to play school and that is when they noticed he required one to one attention than the rest of students in his class. My inlaws were alarmed and took him for assessments as to why he was not talking and responding. Autism is rather new to our country and not very many therapist around to assit children with autism. One of the first symptoms we observed was lack of eye contact and not responding to us when we wanted his attention. Taking him a way to United States of America helped them to get the required therapy for his progress.

Autism is a development disorder that some people are born with. It is not something contagious. It affects the brain and makes communicating and interacting with other people difficult.

Welcome to My Blog...

Hi I am Aruni N. De Mel, from Sri Lanka. This is the first time I am using a blog. I may be an alien so you may have to excuse me for any misktakes.

I am employed as a Confidential Secretary in a reputed Company in Sri Lanka.

In my blog I wish to share my views and experiences about autism ! Eventhough I am not a professional in this field what I have written is what I have seen.

I welcome any articles regarding autism from affected families in Sri Lanka to ascertain information to arrange an awareness programe in Sri Lanka with the aide of some Charitable organization who will be generous to help children with autism and their families who will not have the resources.

I hope this will be useful information for our day to day life.