Monday, July 31, 2006

If you have identified a child with Autisim....What do you do ?

Autisim being a spectrum disorder affects different people in different ways. No two autistic children are alike and there are many theories about what causes autism. Due to this it might be difficult for parents to find what is best for their child. Supposing you identify autism of a child at the age of three and start therapy there is no time frame for the child to be normal. Also different children are given therapy in different ways. Currently there are no medical test to diagnose autism. Diagnosis is based on observation and information provided by parents or domestics looking after the child about his behaviour, speech and interaction.Autism diagnosis can be made by the Psychiatrists and Pediatricians.There is no known single cause for autism. It is knwon that autism is a neurological disorder


Anonymous Thushara said...

Very Interesting Blog.. I hope you will not give up this., You are doing a great work for all the parents around the world who have children suffering from such problems., Sharing your knowledge with them is one of the greatest things you can do !

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