Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What causes Autism

There is no single cause. Some say that it may be due to childhood vaccines but no confirmation as yet.


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With all due respect to your knowledge I must say that this statement is not right;
“Some say that it may be due to childhood vaccines but no research has been done so far.”
There are so many researchers working about there for such research but as many other medical researches , its difficult to come to a conclusion.

Read this Autism fact sheets


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are so many researchers working out there for such research but as many other medical researches , its difficult to come to a conclusion.

The link is


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"It is generally accepted that autism is caused by abnormalities in brain structures or functions. Using a variety of new research tools to study human and animal brain growth, scientists are discovering more about normal development and how abnormalities occur.

The brain of a fetus develops throughout pregnancy. Starting out with a few cells, the cells grow and divide until the brain contains billions of specialized cells, called neurons. Research sponsored by NIMH and other components at the National Institutes of Health is playing a key role in showing how cells find their way to a specific area of the brain and take on special functions. Once in place, each neuron sends out long fibers that connect with other neurons. In this way, lines of communication are established between various areas of the brain and between the brain and the rest of the body. As each neuron receives a signal it releases chemicals called neurotransmitters, which pass the signal to the next neuron. By birth, the brain has evolved into a complex organ with several distinct regions and subregions, each with a precise set of functions and responsibilities."

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Blogger PRan said...

Well Its erally nice of U to start a blog on autoism. Especeially there is very little concern for the autistic children in Sri Lanka & may be it is under diagnosed in Sri Lanka too.
Well regarding vaccines, there is a school of thought that says vaccines play a role. But the reserches are still going on.
Well use my blogs email form to email me, I may be able to offer some more reading points too...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent idea to start a site like this to share your thoughts with others who also have loved ones going through such a phase.

Well done!!

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